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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here are just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

Testimonial from a Seller who sold their home Subject To - Creative Finance Real Estate

Here is a testimonial Dave wrote to one of our other clients a few months ago.
For those of you who are having a very hard time selling your house with realtor, STOP!!! REALTORS SUCK and spent
months and months lying to me. These so called “professionals” only care about telling you what you want to hear so they
can dig their commissions out of you for doing very little work.
Heres our story….
My wife and I had a beautiful home in NE Las Sendas. We built our house in 2002. After 17 plus years it needed some
work, not going to lie. We called a realtor. We advised the realtor we did not want to put one dime into our home since we
were building a new home. Although the realtor didnt want to hear this… we wanted to sell it as is. The realtor said, it
would sell in a week in our neighborhood. NOT!!! This is where the FIRST lie came in.
I kid you not… 44 walk throughs over a two month period. One of our major questions to the realtor was.. I work from
home, we have a dog. Will this be a burden or problem? Realtor said typically, if a buyer is interested, I would put a note in
the MLS to call first. Our realtor would text me once a buyer was interested and I’d have a 10-15 wait TOPS for Realtor
with client to leave. This is what I was told.
We had a RING camera at our house. I was able to see and hear everything and everyone who walked through our home.
We had a digital lockbox on our house bib outside with our house key inside for show.
50% of the realtors ran late for the appointment. Most almost an hour late at times. They never gave the common
courtesy to call to let me know they were running late. Mind you I had my dog with me in the car panting and fogging up
my windows.
Other realtors couldn’t even follow simple directions that were listed on the MLS for the combination to open the lock box.
I could hear realtors from our camera try multiple times to open the lock box. They couldn’t. They were like “S$#@, what
the hell is wrong?” It was pathetic!
Yes, I watched this from my iPhone in my car driving around my community wasting my gas everyday for two months. It
The other half of the realtors said they would be there at a certain time and wouldn’t even show up. My realtor said if there
were any issues to call or text her. I did but rarely heard back. She was in meetings or showing houses herself or busy.
I worked from home, handling conferences calls during this time was a nightmare. At one point I was so pissed off it
affected my well-being. I got so pissed off, I took it out on my family and got mad at the world. My stress level went
through the roof. My wife was livid with every story I told her. She wanted to scream and felt so bad for me. It was a
(pardon my French), a F$%#ING nightmare.
After 44 showings I said to my wife, it’s time to call an investor. This is when I met Pace and his beautiful wife, Laura (and
kiddos). Pace came over the following day. Pace showed up on time when he said he would. Pace sat down with my wife
and I and explained every detail.
I had never heard of Subject To or any creative finance scenarios before. Im not in real estate so this was all new to me.
At the end of the day, it seemed like the ONLY solution for us and honestly the BEST solution as well.
After he explained everything about subject to transactions… he asked us if we had further questions and we did. Even
questions we didn’t ask, Pace informed us about. This is where BOND, TRUST, and HONESTY shined through Paces sole.
Pace is not only a handsome devil, he’s without a doubt honest, NO BULLS$#@. Pace tells like it is. Depending on what
situation you are in with your home Pace will talk with you, explain to you his background, look at your current situation,
evaluate what would be the best for you and your family to take over your property. That’s what Pace does. All
confidential. He is professional, he gives back to the community, he helps people in need and my wife and I are so very
grateful for Pace, Laura and their beautiful family for their help.
Because of Pace and Laura, my wife and I were able to build our new home, downsize a bit for future retirement and travel
over the next 2-3 years.
Pace even walked our new lender through the approval process for our new loan on the home we just built. We were told
that we would not be able to get approved until our previous home was sold. This was not true. I found out that after Pace
and his team educated my new lender, we were approved with zero issues. I learned that not everything you hear is true
and sometimes the licensed professionals are the ones who know the least.
The entire transaction went smoothly. I also spoke to dozens of Paces other clients… Im not going to lie… I felt like this
was all “too good to be true” because everything was happened EXACTLY how Pace described it would. All of Paces other
clients stated that he solved problems that other Realtors or Investors simply could not and they are all happy they sold to
Pace using creative finance scenarios.
I have been blown away by how easy this was. I know now that I will never use a realtor again…
Most of all, I have gained a wonderful friendship with Pace and Laura Morby which I am very blessed to have. Thank you
Pace and Laura for your wisdom and grace. We love our new home and if it wasn’t for you, it would have never happened.
Can’t thank you enough

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